Today's Investor Doesn't Profit From Yesterday's Growth.



ThirdIV’s investments have almost no correlation to the volatility of Wall Street. This asset class was once before unavailable to most.


Our rates of returns are above-average due to our careful vetting process of the investments we select.

unique access

Our team hand-picks investments, many investors will never have the opportunity to invest in these asset classes as an individual. 

What We Do

Develop your portfolio by investing intangible, income-producing real assets managed by a team of professionals. Our focus is on Cash Flow & Growth for our Investors by selecting high-performing assets in the Midwest markets.  Whether you’re looking for immediate income, long-term growth or a combination of both, Third IV is the top choice for the smart investor seeking to diversify in the local markets. We are opportunistic investors but our focus is investing in manufactured housing communities because of we believe they are the best investment.

Change How You Invest and What You Invest in...

When you discover the sector of alternative investing, you wonder how you could have not known about it for so long. Are you ready to diversify your portfolio?

Third IV’s track record includes a proven team and process to choose the best investments for ThirdIV Properties. The fund managers plan to capitalize on the post-COVID market with the demand and growth in commercial real estate. Join Us.


Our clients have access to fund managers to learn about our strategy and vetting process. We believe our clients should know the way we reach their goals with alternative investments.


We will not stray beyond our areas of expertise when executing our investment strategies. We are, however, open to gaining new core competencies as opportunities arise in different sectors and industries.

Effective Communication

Client communication and transparency is important in every client relationship ThirdIV has; someone from our investor relations team is always available to speak to you.


We work with investors to craft an investment plan that suits their short and long term objectives. We are always welcome to new ideas and input from our investors.


Are you looking to generate wealth and passive income? Discover solutions to the common legal and operational pitfalls and how to optimize Mobile Home Parks to maximize income.


Leverage Ferd Niemann IVs Experience in Real Estate Investing and Syndication to Reach Your Goals Faster. Get your free consultation with Ferd to get started today. ALL TOP PERFORMERS have a coach.

legal docs

Raise your game and use the expert-drafted legal documents that are specific to mobile home parks. Make the choice today to invest in yourself by using the documents by Ferd Niemann.

Step 1: 

We locate key investments that meets our investor’s goals and objectives.  

Step 2: 

We vet those opportunities to verify financial data and future performance.  

Step 3: 

We package and present the investment package to our private investor group.  

Step 4: 

When a new investment becomes available, review and sign the investment package.

Step 5: 

Fund your investment and start to see your profits.

If you’re ready to diversify your portfolio away from Wall Street, fill out the form to the right and a member of our investor relations team will be in touch.

  • Recession-Resistant Assets
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Non-volatile
  • Above Average Rates-of-Return

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