Mobile Home Park Growth Fund

Grow Your Wealth with Passive Cash Flow in Real Assets


Projected IRR


Split in Favor of Investors


Preferred Return


Deals Acquired Off-Market

Current Offering

Growth Fund is a 506 (c) income-and-growth fund built around recession-resistant mobile home parks in the Midwest and Great Plains regions of the United States.

Mobile Home Park Fund Highlights

*20/80 split after 13% IRR
Target Assets
Mobile Home Parks
Risk Profile
Value Add
Income and Capital Appreciation
Fund Size
$10 Million
10 Years
Class A Members
9% Pref; 60/40 Split Thereafter*
Class B Members
8% Pref; 60/40 Split Thereafter*
Class C Members
7% Pref; 60/40 Split Thereafter*
Minimum Investment
Class A $1MM, Class B $250K, Class C $50k
Projected IRR to Investors
Fund Structure
Reg D 506(c)
Investor Suitability
Distribution Frequency

Learn More and Apply to Invest

Our Mobile Home Park Fund is accepting capital commitments on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete a short Investor Application to download the offering memorandum, or contact our founders to learn more about this unique mobile home park fund.

Why Invest in Mobile Home Parks?

Low Income Levels Require Affordable Housing

Over 20% of Americans live on $20,000 or less per year. This makes it extremely difficult for them to purchase a traditional home given the continual increase of home prices across the country.

Limited Supply of Affordable Housing

Only a handful of Mobile Home Parks are built each year, and far more are destroyed – the barriers to entry are high.

Rising House Costs

As of 2021, the average 3 bedroom rent price in the U.S. is $1,249 per month.

Massive Need for Affordable Housing

There is an unmet demand for housing at the $500 per month level.