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Are you looking to generate wealth and passive income? Discover solutions to the common legal and operational pitfalls and how to optimize Mobile Home Parks to maximize income.


Leverage Ferd Niemann IVs Experience in Real Estate Investing and Syndication to Reach Your Goals Faster. Get your free consult with Ferd to get started today. ALL TOP PERFORMERS have a coach.

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Raise your game and use the expert-drafted legal documents that are specific to mobile home parks. Make the choice today to invest in yourself by using the documents by Ferd Niemann.

Clients Testimonials

Even though I am an experienced Real Estate investor I needed an attorney who understands Mobile Home Parks when I was trying to close on my first Mobile Home Park. I found Ferd online and he was amazing. His expertise was very valuable and I look forward to engaging him in various capacities for my future MHP deals.
Alpesh Parmar
MHP owner / Real Estate Investor / Author / Podcaster
I am in the middle of closing a deal using Ferd as my attorney. His expertise as an attorney and as a mobile home park owner and manager, has provided invaluable insight into the deal and negotiations. He has been able to help me not only with the legal aspect of the deal, but with great ideas on how to improve the deal, budget,m leases, strategy, etc. He always makes himself available for calls or text messages and his response time on turning around documents has been less than a day. I just hired Ferd to help me with a second deal and hope to use him to close many more deals in the future.
Larry Abramowitz
MHP Owner (FL)
To say Ferd, “does good work” falls insultingly short of the proactive care, attention to detail, and assertive approach he puts into his work. Ferd is one of kind and one the most intelligent and proactive attorneys I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Seeing Ferd take such a proactive approach in his work made a lot of sense tom me because he is not just an attorney, he is an active investor. This becomes the perfect storm when building a team and I’m confident in saying, no matter where he goes or who he works with, he will become a linchpin member and someone you too will be grateful for knowing.
Andrew Lightfoot
Multi-family Real Estate Investor

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