Ep. 61 | Interview with Austin Marsh – Property Management Tips and Tricks from the Field

On this episode of The Mobile Home Park Lawyer, Ferd talks to Austin Marsh, one of his own property and project managers. Austin discusses what it was like starting in the business, offers some advice, and finishes off with some hilarious stories about his time working in the business of MHP. Enjoy!


“The biggest thing that I’ve learned is just maintaining relationships. Having good relationships with the vendors, having good relationships with the tenants, having good relationships with the workers because things happen all the time.”



0:00 – Intro and background on Austin
4:08 – Austin talks about his and role and what he does as a property manager/project manager
5:24 – Austin talks about how crazy the first 90 days of the job can be, but the role evolves after that
8:11 – Austin discusses his favorite part of his job
10:52 – Ferd asks Austin for his tips on applying for a 21st Mortgage
14:09 – Austin offers some tips on how to keep things moving and keep people on task, one of his recommendations is to keep things simple
19:13 – Austin talks about how he discovered the necessity of lists and how much they make your life easier
24:24 – Ferd asks Austin about how he deals with rowdy or difficult tenants, or tenants who are complaining about insignificant problems
27:36 – Austin discusses the importance of setting boundaries when dealing with tenants
30:08 – The biggest thing Austin has learned is the importance of maintaining good relationships with all of the members of the community, from tenants to vendors
31:49 – Ferd tells a story of when he was debating keeping a manager after buying a park, who was rude to tenants
34:55 – Austin offers some of the craziest stories from his time in the business

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